Training from the Coalface

Over the last 25 years we’ve provided training to a wide range of clients—from individual freelancers to development teams at organisations such as The BBC, Orange, Rank Xerox, Motorola, The European Patent Office, Virgin Media, Edinburgh University and many more.

All our training is backed up extensive real life development experience at the 'coalface'—we don’t just know the theory, we’ve put into practice!

We run scheduled online courses and can also present standard or tailored content for your team—either online or at your premises.

Standard Courses

Online On site For developers For designers
Course Formats Audience Duration * Price *
How The Web Works 1 x 2.5hrs 125
HTML & CSS Essentials 2 x 2.5hrs 225
PHP Essentials 2 x 2.5hrs 225
PHP Web Developer 6 x 2.5hrs 625
PHP for Web Designers 2 x 2.5hrs 225
MySQL Essentials 2 x 2.5hrs 225
MySQL Developer 4 x 2.5hrs 425
MySQL & PHP Workshop 3 x 2.5hrs 325

* Notes:

Durations and prices shown are for live online delivery. Durations and prices for on site delivery vary depending on the overall programme and the number of attendees. Please get in touch for more details.


Coming Soon...

We’re finalising the content for some new courses that we’ll be launching later in the year. Topics will include:

  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • Geolocation
  • Local Storage
  • Realtime / Websockets

If you’d like to find out more before we launch the courses then don’t hesitate to get in touch.